July 17, 2010

A Nice Surprise...

The other day D came home for lunch and handed this to me.

Oh, this made me smile!

D's coworker, to whom I send baked goods on a regular basis and who ordered all those apple sugar cookies, got this set for me. For no specific reason. She saw this at a Pampered Chef Party and thought of me. How sweet is that?

And look what's inside:

My smile just kept getting bigger and bigger. I'm sure I giggled a little. I love this kind of stuff!

The cutters measure 1 1/2 inches each. Tiny little things but so cute, don't you think? I immediately started thinking about the most adorable sugar cookie favors, but wait...

...there's so much you can do with these! I can't wait for our apples to be picked so I can use these cutters to decorate apple pies with.

My favorite one right now would be the chili pepper. I'm thinking Pepper Jack cheese cut to this shape. FUN!

And these ones I'll use for decorated sugar cookies. Put them in cellophane bags, add some ribbon and a cute tag, and share with friends! I am planning to try them out tomorrow and share my creations with you afterwards. I am ready for Fall!

Thank you, Miriam. This made my day!

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  1. Those are so cute! I can't wait to see your creations.