January 31, 2011

Lemon Bread

I found this recipe in a cookbook we received as a wedding present years ago. The book is called New Dieter's Cookbook by Better Homes and Gardens. My roommate got it for us, and no, she wasn't hinting anything.

January 19, 2011

English Muffin Bread

This recipe changed my life! For awhile now I've been looking for a recipe for bread that D would like to toast for breakfast. Up until now all the recipes have been just ok, but this one he absolutely loves! 

The life changing part is that I don't have to buy bread from the store anymore. This one is for toasting, snacking etc. and the French bread is for making sandwiches and garlic toast, and for soup dipping. That pretty much covers all our needs. 

January 10, 2011

Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes

Somehow I stumbled on this recipe. I don't remember how or why, but boy am I glad I did. If you haven't heard of Sprinkles Cupcakes before, you need to click on that link. They look so classy and divine, nothing like the ones I whipped up. 

But they were Tasty, with a capital T. 

January 4, 2011

Suklaa Kola

During the holidays I like to cook and bake foods that remind me of my childhood Christmases in Finland. One of those recipes is for Suklaa Kola (Chocolate caramels). When I was little my sisters would make these and set the pan on the snowy steps of our back porch. I would sit and stare through the glass door at the sugary goodness, hoping this would help it cool faster.

Banana Cream Pie

Here's another way I use my small quiche pans: They are perfect for making small banana cream pies! I used a new recipe for the shortbread crust, and my all time favorite recipe for the filling, which my brother introduced our family to over ten years ago.

A long time ago, after my very first break-up, I doubled this recipe and made it in a huge casserole dish. Then I ate half of it in one sitting. It made me feel good inside. Really, really good.