July 7, 2010

Funnel Cake

Note: After eating this humongous thing depicted in the above photograph, I had no desire to make it myself. Thus, no recipe follows. 

Amidst the 4th of July celebrations and hanging out at the Freedom Days in Provo I realized something:
I have never had a funnel cake.

Thus I headed over towards the food stands, passing on the navajo tacos and BBQ dinners, and bought myself a plate full of deep fried batter, topped with cinnamon-sugar and caramel.

I knew there was a reason why I ran eight miles that morning.

The concept of funnel cake is not new to me. In Finland during May Day celebrations people eat Tippaleip√§, which is basically the same thing as funnel cake but somewhat smaller. I recall having one only once in my life.

This may have been the only time I will ever have a funnel cake, either. I ate the entire thing, and even though it was quite good, I think I've had enough of fried batter for a long, long time.
I owe that to my behind.  

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