May 5, 2010

"How do you like them apples?"

I watched Good Will Hunting last Saturday. That movie has nothing to do with my sugar cookies. Except that while I was baking them all I could think of was Will saying "How do you like them apples?!?"

Yes, I'm weird.

Weird in so many ways. Especially while decorating the 55th apple sugar cookie at 11 pm.

I made these cookies for a couple my husband's coworkers who requested them for Teacher Appreciation Week. The best part was that I got paid for making them. My first cookie order!

After a moment of utter panic and stress (I'm out of toothpicks! I'm out of frosting bags! The icing is running off the darn cookie! My baby is crying! My world is coming to an end!), I finally calmed down, stop thinking about all the people who would glare at my cookies and think "well, that's a funky looking cookie if I've ever seen one!".

I don't think I could be a professional baker. I worry too much. Can you tell?

They did turn out quite fun, after a couple of practice runs.

Practice run #1

This one looks like something Snow White would take a bite of.

Practice run #2

And this one is just lumpy. That's what happens when your icing is too thick. Duh.

Rest of them turned out better though. And the cute packaging just makes it all look like I almost know what I'm doing.

Maybe my world isn't coming to an end, after all.