September 8, 2010

My Apologies

I made you cookies. Lots and lots of cookies! Every single day. Just for you. Will you forgive me?

But really, I'm sorry I've been gone. I've been busy with things. I don't remember what those things were, but still... I have been baking though. Monkey bread, broccoli quiche, banana cream pie, blackberry cobbler... but writing about it has been a challenge. All in due time.

Oh, and the sugar cookies? I tested some Halloween ones. Didn't have black food coloring though so had to live with purple. They do need a little tweaking. We'll see about those on October 31st.

The moons, leaves and pumpkins? They were just for fun, and I loved brushing the icing on. Now I consider them my lazy cookies. No piping, no waiting. Just brush and sprinkle, and eat. Makes me wonder why I didn't try that before.

Speaking of sugar cookies, if you'd like to see some amazing and inspiring decorated cookies, visit Bake at 350. Just click on Cookie Index and browse away. My favorite? Beer and Hot Dogs!

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